Ralf Eger - Director


It is a journey, an adventure that all participants embark on. We enter unknown areas, walk secret paths avoiding the beaten tracks - although the play seems to be so well known by the audience. Everybody has the chance to discover new aspects, not only for the stage performance but also for one self. Facets that seem unpleasant at first, might change in the course of work so something beautiful, long hidden and only waiting to be released. Words reveal new meaning and speech sounds in unheard melodies. What we discover can be affecting or unsettling. The outcome is uncertain but it always changes our view of the world.


Discovering the hidden


“Precise Dialogues” writes SZ vom 23.01.17 in her article about the performance of Mozarts La finta giardiniera.

Gräfin Mariza by Emmerich Kálmán with the Münchner Rundfunkorchester and Conductor Ernst Theis am 29.04.2018

Preview to 2019: Zaide by Mozart